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Richard Prince - Original Silkscreen - Double Splash

Richard Prince - Original Silkscreen - Double Splash

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Richard Prince is a renowned contemporary artist whose work transcends the boundaries of photography and conceptual art. His artistic practice is characterized by his inventive use of swimming pools, portraits, landscapes and nature, in which he explores complex themes such as identity, celebrity and mass culture.

Richard Prince's art is deeply influenced by the consumer society and the power of images in our contemporary culture. Through his photographs, he creates visual narratives that explore notions of representation and authenticity, challenging preconceived ideas about reality and truth. He often uses portraits, capturing the essence of his subjects with remarkable sensitivity and intensity, revealing the complexity of the individual behind the image.

Richard Prince, Double Splash

Size: 56 x 76cm

Editing 25

Media: Original screen print on fine art paper, hand-enhanced

Finish: Individually numbered, signed by the artist and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity

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