About us

L.Y.N.A.R.T is an online art gallery and fine art publisher which offers to art lovers and collectors to buy artworks, canvas, drawings, screen prints, lithographies, art toys and other pieces produced in limited edition.

L.Y.N.A.R.T's mission is to make art accessible to as many people as possible and to raise public awareness of contemporary and modern art.

L.Y.N.A.R.T provides its expertise to all types of audiences, addressing both individuals and professionals.

L.Y.N.A.R.T has a selection of artworks created by famous contemporary artist around the world: Belin, Obey (Shepard Fairey), VHILS, Fanakapan, C215, Seth, Blek le Rat, Kurar, Mr. Brainwash, Richard Orlinski and more ...

"Art lives in the imagination of the people who contemplate it"