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Metaverse Dream Book, ASSOULINE Editions

Metaverse Dream Book, ASSOULINE Editions

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Metaverse Dream, Editions ASSOULINE

288 pages

More than 200 illustrations

English language

Released in February 2023

L 25 x W 33 x D 5.8 cm

Metallic Silk Hardcover

ISBN: 978164980185


In 1978, MIT developed a system that allowed users to take a virtual tour of Aspen, Colorado. Today, travel is no longer limited to a pre-existing physical destination. With the Metaverse, the possibilities are endless as new worlds are created every day. The Metaverse represents the future of travel, and as the medium grows and improves, this title offers a unique immersion into this revolutionary frontier through a selection of visuals related to and inspired by the Metaverse, ranging from fashion to architecture, from hardware to conceptual design - a preview of what's to come.

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