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Pop Art Style Book, Editions ASSOULINE

Pop Art Style Book, Editions ASSOULINE

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Pop Art Style, Editions ASSOULINE

272 pages

More than 180 illustrations

English language

Released in October 2022

L 24.76 x W 33.02 x D 3.56 cm

Linen hardcover

ISBN: 9781649800732


In the 1950s, a young man from Pittsburgh named Andy Warhol was making a comfortable living as a commercial illustrator in New York City. But his ambitions went far beyond that: soon he was painting Coca-Cola bottles and filling a gallery with paintings of Campbell's soup cans. He is certainly not the first to have produced a Pop work, but Warhol quickly became a brand himself, synonymous with this new art form that embodies all that is young, subversive, bright and fresh.
From proto-supermodel Twiggy sporting false eyelashes and a Union Jack dress in Swinging London to Eero Aarnio's wraparound Ball chair, Pop has seeped so deeply into the fashion, furniture and design of products that it's hard to separate the look and vibe of the 1960s and 1970s from the art of the era. No doubt to Warhol's delight, Pop was not content to be inspired by pop culture, it became pop culture.

After this first wave, the movement did not never really gone. Each successive generation of artists and designers has rekindled the life force of pop while giving it a new direction. Indeed, with Instagram and TikTok on the ubiquitous pop-colored iPhones, social media is to followers today what advertising and Hollywood were to pop artists sixty years ago.

After the success of the Travel series, Assouline presents the Style series, which highlights some of the most iconic art movements and design styles, revealing their historical impact and continuing influence on our culture today. This colorful volume brings together dynamic images from different eras and different media to express the energy and exuberance of sixty years of Pop Art style.

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