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Pop Heart, Jellyfish Passion - Mr Doodle Silkscreen

Pop Heart, Jellyfish Passion - Mr Doodle Silkscreen

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Mr Doodle, whose real name is Sam Cox, is a British artist known for his works that are characterized by complex and repetitive designs. It creates giant "doodles" that take over entire spaces, such as walls, furniture, cars, and even buildings. His designs are often colorful and feature whimsical and spooky patterns.
The Pop Heart Series is about the Love and Romanticism that Mr Doodle brings to his Wife Miss Doodle.

Pop Heart, Jellyfish Passion, 2021
Dimension: 60 x60 cm
Edition: 300
Details: Silkscreen on 300 g art paper Signed and Numbered
The work is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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