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Borneo Modofoker - Nasty Boys

Borneo Modofoker - Nasty Boys

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Borneo Modofoker - Nasty Boys 

Bombe aérosol

70 x 100 cm




Signée à la main


Livraison depuis la France

Envoi soigné et sécurisé avec numéro de suivi et assurance

Maikol de Sousa, artistically known as Borneo Modofoker, is a versatile multidisciplinary artist hailing from
Caracas, Venezuela. His work reflects a deeply personal style, influenced by the vibrant culture of the late
80s and early 90s. His art is distinguished by the creation of characters, with Barbas as the central character
breathing life into a unique artistic world. Throughout his creative evolution, Borneo has embraced an
increasingly abstract approach.
His artwork has transcended borders and has been exhibited in various galleries across America, Europe,
and Asia, gaining international recognition. Currently, Borneo passionately immerses himself in the world of
ceramics, exploring and developing this fascinating form of expression. Nevertheless, he continues to
expand his artistic creation through various formats, exploring a wide range of media and techniques.
His motto:
Not Competition, just style.

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