Damien Hirst - Cherry Blossom - Fondation Cartier Paris, Official Exhibition Poster 2/6

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The Foundation Cartier for contemporary art is currently exhibiting "Cherry Blossoms", the exceptional new series of paintings by Damien Hirst. Cherry Blossoms is Damien Hirst’s first museum exhibition in France. For this exhibition, the Foundation Cartier printed 6 different exhibition printed posters.

"The Cherry Blossoms are about beauty, life and death. They [the paintings] are excessive - almost vulgar. Like Jackson Pollock damaged by love. They are ornamental but painted from life. They are about desire and how we perceive the things around us and what we do with them, but they also show the incredible, ephemeral beauty of a tree in bloom in a cloudless sky. It was fun to work on these canvases, to lose myself entirely in the color and material in the studio. The Cherry Blossoms are flashy, messy and fragile, and with them I moved away from minimalism and enthusiastically returned to the spontaneity of the painting gesture."

- Damien Hirst - 

Cherry Blossoms

Official Poster of the Exhibition

Fondation Cartier, Paris

Exhibition, 2021

Original Poster 2/6

Printed on 220 gsm Fine art paper

80 x 60 cm


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