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Robert Combas - Wine Château l'hospitalet Art Collection 2020

Robert Combas - Wine Château l'hospitalet Art Collection 2020

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Robert Combas

Château l'Hospitalet (Red)


Editing 15,000

Wooden box Robert Combas silkscreen

Overlooking the Mediterranean by several tens of meters, the majestic Château de l'Hospitalet rests on the edge of the coast. Thanks to its semi-arid Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters, the vineyard benefits from exceptional climatic conditions. The altitude attenuates the heat and the intensity of the sun, thus allowing a slow maturation of the grapes, ideal for a subtle aromatic expression of the wines and tannins.

This limited edition, consisting of only 15,000 bottles, proudly presents the work of Robert Combas, entitled "Le Vin de nos Paysages". In this captivating tableau, the artist merges setting and subject to celebrate nature. Insects, flowers and vines unite in a renewed mythology, reflecting the overflowing creativity of the painter. Through "The Wine of our Landscapes", Robert Combas invites us to discover that, at the Domaine de l'Hospitalet, the bottle is as precious as intoxication. The place where the grapes are harvested and the enchantment it brings come together in the same joy. The two shades of blue that dominate the painting, from top to bottom, immerse the feet of our three goddesses in the azure waters of the Mediterranean and direct their gaze towards the infinite blue of the sky. Thus, Robert Combas stretches our sensations and emotions between these two infinities, creating a bewitching visual experience.

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